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You may have heard of this type of Pop Up technology under a different name... Pop Throughs, Hover Ads, Unblockable Pop Ups, Slide In Ads etc. They all use similar technology and are designed to get your content seen. The POPUP MAGICIAN Software is a set of wizards that will help you easily create these attention grabbing Pop Ups.

The POPUP MAGICIAN Software scripts consist of HTML, JavaScript and CSS (cascading style sheets) set out for you in an easy and logical sequence. You do not need to know any JavaScript or CSS coding. You will however need to have some basic HTML skills to be able to put the scripts in to your page and create your content.

These Pop Up wizards will simplify the process and allow you to create a wide variety of unique Pop Ups that can be pasted into your HTML document. You can create unique Pop Ups that reflect your site's identity. You are not limited to how Microsoft or Netscape want your Pop Up to appear. The flexibility of these wizards allows you to be very creative when you are designing your Pop Ups.

The Pop Up code created by the POPUP MAGICIAN Software is encoded so that other webmasters cannot easily "borrow" your PopUp design/ideas.

Extensive research has shown that Pop Ups remain one of the best ways to obtain a response from your users. However as Pop Up "Blocker" technology is becoming more popular fewer Pop Ups are being seen. A few irresponsible webmasters have abused the system and have made it difficult for the rest of us to market our products as we would wish. The POPUP MAGICIAN Software was created to address that issue.

Not all Pop Ups are ads... many contain important information that the viewer really needs to see. For example: e-zine subscription forms, shipping rates, "once" only offers, shopping carts, buy buttons, help and FAQ pages etc. Pop Ups are often the best, if not only, way to present this type of information. If your viewer is using "Blocker" software (often they do not even know it is turned on in their browser) they have missed out on vital information and you have perhaps missed out on a sale.

To give an example of how invasive Pop Up "Blocker" technology is becoming here are just some of the organizations producing blocker software...

  • AOL blocks pop ups for their members (35 million)
  • Mozilla has a built-in pop up blocker
  • Netscape 7 has a built in pop up blocker (52 million)
  • The Google Toolbar, downloaded by millions, has an option to block pop ups
  • Earthlink provides pop up blocking software to their customers (5 million)
  • The Alexa Toolbar, downloaded by millions, blocks pop ups (10 million)
  • The Service pack for WinXP, mentioned for release soon, may block pop ups (50 million?)
  • Yahoo is launching a pop up blocking toolbar
  • There are many other organizations distributing FREE "Blocker" software and toolbars.

Create All Kinds of Popups and Popunders for your website

It is estimated that potentially over 100 million people already have access to "blocker" technology and it is possible that far less than 50% of your users are seeing your "normal" Pop Up message. So it's not that your Pop Up message is becoming less effective, it is a fact that YOUR Pop Up message is not being seen as often as it once was. With normal pop ups being viewed less and less the marketing potential of these Pop Ups will soon become irresistible. Your viewers won't be annoyed at seeing your Pop Ups because they are becoming a rarity and that alone will surely grab their attention.

Any content that you can put in to a normal Pop Up can be put in to the POPUP MAGICIAN Software. There are no limitations to the type of content, graphics or scripts that can be included. If it will work in a web page then it will work in these the POPUP MAGICIAN Software.

While the POPUP MAGICIAN Software can create "normal" Pop Ups it has the added advantage of giving you the power to easily design non-standard, eye catching, Pop Ups that will set you apart from other web sites and surely grab your viewers attention.

A wizard will help you create cookies that will stop the Pop Up being seen every time a particular user views the page. You can select the number of days between viewing the Auto Pop Ups. Having a Pop Up appear every time you visit a page is probably the number one gripe against normal Pop Ups. This wizard completely eliminates that problem. Show your Pop Up to any particular user once a day, once a week or once a month. This feature is ideal if you have a one off offer that you want users to act on immediately. Tell them that they must act now because they will never see the Pop Up again. You can then set the Pop Up cookie timer to anything up to it's maximum of 9999 days (a bit over 27 years) and the Pop Up will not appear again (unless they clear their cookie register). It is entirely up to you how you use this function and it is achievable with just a few clicks of your mouse.

The POPUP MAGICIAN Software can't be blocked because the scripts form an integral part of your page content. Due to this process you can not create Pop Unders or Pop Up/Unders that appear some time after the page has closed. Also you can not create Pop Ups that "fly" about your page.

The POPUP MAGICIAN Software has a degree of design flexibility that is not included in other packages. Creating "something different" should be breeze for most users.

The POPUP MAGICIAN Software wizard can also create "normal" Pop Ups and Pop Unders. These Pops can be blocked of course but on occasions they are still the best alternative, especially when you are working with off site content. The wizard includes cookies so that you can determine whether the Pop is shown every time or just once per browser session.

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