Insiders Guide To Obtaining Grant Money
Insiders Guide To Obtaining Grant Money
Here's The Introduction To This Money-Making Book!:

We read nearly every day about the government spending, but many of us don't realize that we might be eligible to receive some of the money the government gives away every year. There are thousands of grant programs for established businesses and newcomers. Whether it's to develop a new invention, continue or change your career path through education, work at your artistic vocation or simply to obtain help with living expenses, there are numerous sources out there for you to tap.

But how to identify them? This is the bigger stumbling block to those that even think they might qualify for government funds in some way. But the key to obtaining grant money is not a big secret. Generally, if you are an organized, detail-oriented person who can follow instructions. Chances are you could qualify for a grant.

There is even a bimonthly magazine you can subscribe to called Humanities, which is published by the National Endowment for the Humanities, 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Rm. 410, Washington, DC, 20506, phone number (202) 606-8443. This publication features listings of recent grants by Discipline, a calendar detailing application grant deadlines and guide sections for those who are thinking of applying for a National Endowment of the Humanities grant -- and there are many! This magazine can give you tips to help you qualify!

Grant money can provide you with the independence you need to start your own business or launch you on a new career destination. These dollars can help you acquire schooling you've either lacked or need to change course.

All it takes is organization skill, the ability to write a proper grant proposal and knowing who to write to for applications. This booklet will be your guide and can improve your chances of securing grant money dramatically!

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